• 2020 International Rising Star Award Winner

    Magicana / Allan Slaight Awards

  • I'm Diego Vargas

    I transform events in unforgettable moments of happiness around the world.

    From an early age, I knew I loved to make people smile. In kindergarten, I would do my best
    monkey imitation to get my friends to giggle. Every evening, I couldn‘t wait for my dad to share
    a new joke with me, so at school the next day I could make my buddies laugh.
    When I started performing magic for people in hopeless situations— kids with cancer, prisoners
    in jail, refugees— I was astonished by the power of what I could do! In just one moment, my illusions
    would transport their hearts from despair to exhilaration, from anguish to awe and pure joy,
    from isolation to ecstatic connection with others.
    As my magic and comedy took me across the globe, I came to
    see that, unfortunately, sometimes we can’t control life. But the joy that is sparked in the
    hearts of my audience members- at corporate events or in dire situations-
    awakens the capacity in them to be a force of good in this world. And now, I’m crazy for that!

    Let’s chat about how I can transport your group into greater joy, connection,
    creativity and a mindset of being a force of good in the world.

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